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Control-M v9.x Scheduling assessment Question with Answers (1-60)

These are the questions asked in Control-M v9.x Skills Assessment ... I have answered to the best of my knowledge..... please comment below if you there are any mistakes....

Question 1 of 60.

What is the purpose of the ‘housekeeping’ action performed during the New Day procedure?

 It moves all job definitions from the Job Definition database to the Active Jobs database

 It removes all prerequisite conditions regardless if they are required

 It removes job definitions that are no longer needed

Question 2 of 60.

Active Jobs database: (Select all that apply)

 Contains all jobs scheduled for submission in the current day

 Contains job which may or may not have been submitted

 Contains relevant resources

 Contains relevant prerequisite conditions

Question 3 of 60.

The New Day procedure is performed ______________________________.

 At the same time for all Control-M/Servers connected to a Control-M/EM Server

 At a time that is set individually for each Control-M/Server

 Up to 24 times per day, as defined by the Administrator

Question 4 of 60.

Using Control-M GUI, users can: (Select all that apply)

 View status of job schedules and execution in Control-M environments

 Issue requests for additional information

 Make changes to the active environment

 Create user profile

Question 5 of 60.

Control-M/Agent and Remote Hosts are both identified by their _____________.

 Host IDs

 Agent Computer


Question 6 of 60.

Which of the following best describes Remote Hosts in the Control-M environment?

 Computers that host Control-M Application Plug-ins

 Computers that can execute jobs without having a Control-M/Agent locally installed

 Computers that host a Control-M/Agent but not a Control-M/Server

 Computers that are defined as being in a Host Group

Question 7 of 60.

The Control-M/Server is responsible for__________, and handling request from the Control-M Enterprise Manager. (Select all that apply)

 scheduling jobs

 managing job processing flows

 performing load balancing

 providing notification of job flow status

Question 8 of 60.

The Network Overview pane presents a __________ view of either the Workspace or Viewpoint and highlights the part of the flow diagram being viewed.





Question 9 of 60.

Control-M/Agent manages: (Select all that apply)

 Instructions to submit a job on the Agent computer

 Requests for information about jobs on Agent computer

 Requests to view or edit job script statements

 Requests to view job output or job documentation

Question 10 of 60.

Job Definitions database: (Select all that apply)

 Is a repository found in both the Control-M/EM and Control-M/Server databases

 Stores the current definitions of the jobs, folders, and calendars for the Control-M environment

 Contains copies of all job processing definitions in Control-M/EM database

 Contains job definitions for which it is responsible in Control-M/Server

Question 11 of 60.

Which of the following statements best describe the purpose of the Active Jobs database?

 The Active Jobs database contains the job definitions of all jobs defined for a Control-M/Server that may be ordered by the New Day procedure

 The Active Jobs database is a historical record of jobs that executed on a previous day

 The Active Jobs database is used to contain all jobs that can be viewed at a particular time in a Control-M/EM

 The Active Jobs database is a database maintained by a Control-M/Server, that contains all the current job orders for that Control-M/Server

Question 12 of 60.

The Control-M solution provides: (Select all that apply)

 Cross-platform job scheduling

 Automation of job workflow

 Four-tiered architecture


Question 13 of 60.

Named Pool Variables allow you to _________________________.

 define only Global Variables in a Pool

 define a set of Variables in a Pool

 Define only System Variables in a Pool

 define only Local Variables in a Pool

Question 14 of 60.

Defining a job as critical by checking the _______________ provides preferential treatment in resource allocation when a job is ready to be submitted.

 Allocate Resources

 Critical (Reserve Resources)

 Submit First

Question 15 of 60.

Cyclic Job parameters are found under the __________ tab of the Job properties.





Question 16 of 60.

Which of the following is a true statement about embedded scripts in jobs?

 Embedded scripts in jobs cannot be edited from the Monitoring domain

 Embedded scripts use Control-M scripting language

 Jobs with embedded scripts should be defined to execute on a compatible platform

 Embedded scripts must be stored in a location accessible to all agents that may execute the job

Question 17 of 60.

Periodic Calendars can be used to: (Select all that apply)

 Collect Statistics for specified Jobs

 Define Scheduling criteria which cannot be achieved using Month Days and/or Week Days only

 Schedule jobs in periods that span across multiple calendar years

Question 18 of 60.

User Variables can be: (Select all that apply)

 Local Variables for a specific job

 Global Variables to pass information between jobs in a Control-M/Server

 System Variables

Question 19 of 60.

The Control-M Utility __________ is used to display the current value of a variable.




Question 20 of 60.

The Mass Create functionality can be used to: (Select all that apply)

 Create any number of job definitions using a job template.

 Select any defined template.

 Sequentially number the jobs using {Counter} function.

Question 21 of 60.

Control Resources can be:

 Exclusive OR Common

 Common OR General

 Shared OR Unique

 Shared OR Exclusive

Question 22 of 60.

Control-M Reports now comes built in with the Control-M GUI Client and can be accessed from the __________ domain.





Question 23 of 60.

Generated Control-M Reports can be saved as ________________ file format/s. (Select all the apply)





Question 24 of 60.

The __________ feature can be used to edit a Workspace created by someone else if you have the correct permissions.


 Policy Monitor

 Take Ownership

Question 25 of 60.

__________ jobs remain in the Active environment and execute repeatedly as needed, based on the job parameters.





Question 26 of 60.

Notifications are messages sent to the ____________________, or any location set up through the Shout destination management. (Select all that apply)

 Alerts window

 Control-M/Server Log file

 User Console

Question 27 of 60.

Notifications can be: (Select all that apply)

 Sent to an email address

 Defined on the Actions tab of the Job Properties pane

 Sent to an Alerts window

Question 28 of 60.

A maximum number of ______ Quantitative Resource entries can be specified for a job.





Question 29 of 60.

The Restore job action does not affect the database until the Workspace is __________ and synchronized.

 Checked In

 Checked Out


Question 30 of 60.

Notifications occur: (Select all that apply)

 After job completion

 Before job completion

 After job is deleted

 After job is saved

Question 31 of 60.

__________ jobs in a SMART Folder can be ordered unless one Rule-based Calendar is satisfied.

 Less than 100

 Less than 50

 Less than 25


Question 32 of 60.

A job with an empty Host/Host Group field will ______________________.

 Be submitted to all defined agents

 Be submitted on the machine where the Control-M/Server is installed

 Be put on hold when submitted

 Generate a validation alert

Question 33 of 60.

Which of the following is a true statement about Job Templates? (Select all that apply)

 Functions can be included in Job Templates

 Job Templates can be used to mass create jobs

 Job Templates can be edited using Template Manager

Question 34 of 60.

Which of the following best describes Global Conditions?

 Conditions that are created each day during New Day processing

 Conditions that are propagated to all Control-M/Servers connected to Control-M/EM

 Conditions that must be present before any job on a Control-M/Server can execute

 Conditions that are propagated from one Control-M/Server to one or more selected Control-M/Servers

Question 35 of 60.

Which of the following best describes Control-M Batch Impact Manager?

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager is used to test jobs and folders prior to putting them into production

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager is used to generate reports

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager is used to monitor and proactively address potential issues

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager is used to improve processing in the Active Jobs Database

Question 36 of 60.

The __________ parameter determines the location of a script file for a job.

 File Name

 Code Folder

 File Path


Question 37 of 60.

'Quantitative Resources’ represent a _________________.

 Specific Control-M/Server

 Specific Job Template

 Job Folder

 Logical Physical Resource

Question 38 of 60.

Using Tools > Workspaces you can __________________ Workspaces. (Select all that apply)




Question 39 of 60.

The Critical (Reserve Resources) parameter does not apply to Control Resources that have a __________ status.




Question 40 of 60.

The __________ parameter in a SMART Folder automatically adjusts prerequisite conditions.


 Due Out


 Adjust Condition

Question 41 of 60.

Control-M Reports include ___________________________ report category. (Select all that apply)




 Batch Impact Manager

 File Transfer

Question 42 of 60.

Periodic Calendars:

 Can only cover a consecutive 12-month time frame.

 Can have no more than 12 periods defined.

 Must contain the same number of days.

 Are represented by a character (A, B, or 1, 2) for individual periods.

Question 43 of 60.

Which of the following parameters are used to set the Cyclic job run times? (Select all that apply)

 Rerun every

 Rerun using the following interval sequence

 Run at specific times

Question 44 of 60.

Which Control-M add-on can be used to predict future production flows and scheduling?

 Control-M Self Service

 Control-M Workload Archiving


 Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Question 45 of 60.

Which of the following best describes the ‘Run As’ parameter of a job?

 The value that determines the operating system account under which a job executes

 The user account defined for a Control-M/Server installation

 The name of the Control-M/Server associated with the job

 The Control-M/EM user account of the person who defined the job

Question 46 of 60.

Information of Cyclic jobs can be accessed from the ______________ tab of the Monitoring domain.


 Belongs To



Question 47 of 60.

The types of variables used in Control-M are:

 Job submission variables

 System variables

 User-defined variables

 Variable lists

Question 48 of 60.

Each item in the On-Do Actions dialog box indicates either:

 An On statement OR A Do statement

 A Do statement OR A Job Template

 A Save Action OR A Print Action

 A Control Resource OR A Quantitative Resource

Question 49 of 60.

Which of the following are valid types of conditions? (Select all that apply)

 AND Between All

 OR Between All

 Set Manually

Question 50 of 60.

Workload Policies helps control, manage, and balance the workload for: (Select all that apply)

 Limiting resources available to a group of jobs in the active or production environment

 Routing groups of jobs to execute on specific resources

 Defining a resource’s availability in the dynamic environment according to specific times

 Question 51 of 60.

Control-M alerts can originate from: (Select all that apply)


 Jobs Not ended Ok

 Communication breakdown between Control-M/EM and Control-M/Server

Question 52 of 60.

The Control-M Alerts ribbon can be used to manage and mark the alert as: (Select all that apply)





Question 53 of 60.

The Waiting Info tab in a Viewpoint provides information on why a job is coloured:





Question 54 of 60.

Which domain is used to access and review archived viewpoint contents?





Question 55 of 60.

Customizable Filters:

 Are saved in the Control-M/EM Database

 Must be saved before they can be applied

 Only affect Viewpoints on the Local Machine

Question 56 of 60.

Which of the following best describes the ability to edit job parameters from a Viewpoint in the Monitoring domain?

 You can edit some of the job's parameters, but the changes are not recorded to the Control-M/EM database

 You can only edit scheduling parameters

 You can modify a limited set of job parameters and optionally save them to the Control-M/EM database

 You cannot edit job parameters from the Viewpoint in the Monitoring domain

Question 57 of 60.

A Viewpoint is comprised of the __________ subcomponent. (Select all that apply)




Question 58 of 60.

Notification message alerts are colour coded in _________________ to depict the severity level. (Select all that apply)

 Blue – Regular (Normal)

 Orange – Urgent

 Red – Very Urgent

 Green – Informational

Question 59 of 60.

Which of the following is true about deleted jobs from the Monitoring domain?

 Deleted jobs cannot be undeleted

 Only jobs with a status of Ended OK can be deleted

 Deleted jobs are removed from the Active Jobs database with the next New Day processing

 Deleted jobs are removed from the Active Jobs database immediately

Question 60 of 60.

Which character represents any text string in a customizable filter?







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