Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Control-M Components

CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager (CONTROL-M/EM): This application provides a single, centralized point of access and control of your batch processing environment. Through EM we can connect to multiple control-m servers.

CONTROL-M/Servers: At the heart of CONTROL-M processing are CONTROL-M/Servers. These are the scheduling engines that schedule jobs, manage job processing flows, and provide notification of job flow status. Each CONTROL-M/Server is resident on a particular computer and is specific to its operating system.

CONTROL-M/Agents and Remote hosts: Though CONTROL-M/Servers are responsible for job scheduling and processing, they do not have to limit their activity to the computer on which they reside; they can schedule jobs on other computers that come under their control. CONTROL-M/Agents are commonly used to place computers under the control of a CONTROL-M/Server. CONTROL-M/Agents submit jobs on behalf of the CONTROL-M/Server, track the jobs’ processing, and provide status information back to the CONTROL-M/Server.

As an alternative to having a dedicated CONTROL-M/Agent installed on each computer under the control of a CONTROL-M/Server, CONTROL-M/Server can also submit jobs to agentless computers known as remote hosts.

CONTROL-M/Agents and remote hosts are identified by their node IDs. Jobs are assigned to specific node IDs.

You can balance processing loads by grouping a number of CONTROL-M/Agents together into a node group, and then assigning jobs to the node group, instead of to a specific CONTROL-M/Agent. The job will be processed on any agent in the group, according to the processing load at that particular moment. You can also submit a single job to all the nodes in a Node Group. This is all depends on the scenario.

Control Modules: To bring CONTROL-M functionality to your external, packaged application environment (for example SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite), CONTROL-M provides Control Modules (CMs) that enable CONTROL-M/Agents to interface with the external applications.


raam said...

We have seen Agent unavailable alerts in EM database. Also the CTMAgentUnavailable parameter under Alerts is active.
However we don’t see any agent unavailable events on patrol console. Is there any configuration we need to do on patrol side to get these events?
I have also checked the control m KM user guide but unable to get any information on the CTMAgentUnavailable parameter. Could you please assist in capturing these alerts?

Anonymous said...

is there an alternative tool for CTRL-M

Unknown said...

Nice work on this site. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

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