Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dynamic Filter in Control-M EM GUI

A dynamic filter is a filter that you define locally as you need it. You can then discard it or save it for reuse.

To define a dynamic filter:
  1. If the Dynamic Filter Definition dialog box is not currently displayed, display it by performing one of the following tasks (whichever is appropriate):
    • If the Select ViewPoint dialog box is currently displayed (that is, you are in the process of opening a ViewPoint), after you select the ViewPoint, click Dynamic Filter.
    • If the ViewPoint is currently displayed, select <Dynamic Filter> in the Filter list box.
    • The Dynamic Filter Definition dialog box displays the last-used dynamic filtering criteria.
  2. To edit an existing filter, select it in the Filter Presets field and click OK. To create a new filter, specify a name for it in the Filter Presets field.
  3. Fill in filtering criteria.
  4. To save this definition for later reuse, click SAVE Button.

Consider the following when filling in filtering criteria:
  • Most fields are self-explanatory. If you need a description of the fields that correspond to fields in the job editing form,
  • You can use the LIKE operator for all text fields except the Odate and Time parameters. For Odate From and Time From, use the >= operator. For the Odate To and Time To fields, use the <= operator.
  • For Odate From and Odate To, use the yymmdd format. For Time From and Time To, use the hh:mm format.
  • Fields can contain several criteria separated by commas (for example, CONTROLM = A*,B*).
  • If you specify values for Time From and To fields in the filter, the filter processes values in the Start Time and End Time fields in the Job Detail screen (not the From and Until fields in the Job Detail screen).
  • The Job Status and TaskType fields each have a button, when clicked, opens an appropriate dialog box (with relevant check boxes):
  • For BMC Batch Impact Manager users: Check the Included in Business Service checkbox to filter on jobs belong to a critical batch service.


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