Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prerequisite Conditions

"Prerequisite Condition is a flag representing a user-specified situation or condition. Submission of a job for execution can be made dependent upon the existence of one or more conditions. Conditions are recorded in the Conditions table in Control-M EM Server database"

Job dependencies in the flow diagram are represented by lines and arrows connecting
job nodes, for example.These lines can even indicate dependencies between jobs in different CONTROL-Ms. The direction of arrows at the ends of the lines indicates the flow direction (predecessor and successor relationship) of the connected nodes.

Dotted lines between two jobs indicates a conditional link between the two jobs (for example, optional In conditions defined using OR logic).

An arrow without a connecting line at the top or bottom of a node indicates one of the following condition types:

Arrow at the top of the Job — a manual In prerequisite condition. This is a condition that does not get added automatically by another job, but rather must be manually added.

Arrow at the bottom of the Job — The Out prerequisite condition has no corresponding In condition or job dependent upon the condition.

In CONTROL-M/EM, the connecting lines between conditions are

Green —condition exists (active)
Black — condition does not exist yet (inactive)


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Aman Verma said...

How to export the list of in and out conditions from the database using a query or any script?

Mahi said...

@Aman Verma... You need to run a Join query on DEF_JOB, DEF_LNKI_P and DEF_LNKO_P tables to get the data from Definitions...

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