Sunday, September 18, 2016

Control-M Server Processes and their Duties/Activities

SU: The Supervisor (p_ctmsu):

  • performs heartbeat monitoring of all processes 
  • Before start of New Day, it suspends all the processes and then to itself 

SL: The Selector (p_ctmsl):

  • Makes a selection loop to determine which job will be submitted for the execution to the OS 
  • Performs partial jobs post-processing actions 
  • Frees all resources occupied by jobs 

NS: The Network Server (p_ctmns):

  • Manage the communication to all Control-M/Agents 
  • When a message arrives from the Agent, NS sends a trigger to a process that will handle the request 
  • Updates the Agent status file and notifies TR, SL, CD and CS processes by sending triggers 

TR: The Tracker (p_ctmtr):

  • Updates jobs state when informed by the agent 
  • Performs late execution shouts and DO STMT 

CO: Communication Gateway (p_ctmco):

  • It handles two types requests- one from CD like Download and other from Control-M/EM, to be handled by CS like order, view 
  • It analyzes requests and sends them to the appropriate destination 

CS: Communication Service (p_ctmcs):

  • All requests to the CS pass through the CO process 
  • Handles the requests that comes from Control-M/EM 
  • Multiple number of CS processes can be set 

RT: Communication Router (p_ctmrt

  • Manage the communication messages between all processes 
  • Responsible for the messages to arrive in the correct order 

WD: The Watchdog (p_ctmwd):

  • Monitors essential Control-M processes, resources and sends an appropriate alert when there is a problem 
  • WD checks all the primary Control-M processes are functioning 

LG: The Logger Process:

  • Logs all the details

CD: Communication Download Process (p_ctmcd):

  • CD process checks if the New Day Time has arrived 
  • It sends a message to SU to suspend all Control-M processes and the “STOP LINK” message to Control-M/EM 
  • CD updates the IOALOG about New-Day Beginning and updates a Date in the Control-M server database 
  • It sends the New Day message to all available agents for cleanup purpose 
  • It cleans the jobs from Active Job File, log messages and statistics information 
  • It orders jobs upon their scheduling criteria to the AJF 
  • Once New day is completed, it sends the “START LINK” message to Control-M/EM and a message to CO to activate all the Control-M processes

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