Monday, August 29, 2011

The Control-M Accessories

The Control-M “Accessories” are:

• Control-M/Enterprise Manager GUI (EM/GUI or ECS GUI)
• Gateways
• Global Alert Server (GAS)
• Global Condition Server (GCS)

It is important to understand what each of these components does and its place in the Control-M architecture.


The main 3 GUI’s are listed below.
  1. Control-M / EM GUI
  2. Control-M Desktop
  3. Control-M Configuration Manager

Gateways: These are used for communication between Control-M/EM and Control-M Server. If these gateways are down then Control-M/EM GUI won’t get any status updates from the Control-M Server.

Global Alert Server (GAS): GAS will contain all the alerts sent from jobs which are active in Control-M. You can connect to GAS using ‘Alert window’ and can view all the alerts. Usually operations will monitor these alerts and take appropriate actions.

Global Condition Server (GCS): GCS will keep track of all Prerequisite and Global conditions added by jobs which are in AJF. Once a condition added to GCS, control-M will satisfies the condition for all the waiting jobs.


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