Saturday, October 27, 2018

Control-M Latest Fixpacks for v8, v9 and v9.0.18

Thought of sharing this... because many people asked me about this.... Here are the latest Fixpacks available for different control-m versions as of Oct-2018.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Control-M V9 Features

High Availability

Control-M high availability solution enables you to maximize your production environment uptime and prevent data loss in the event of hardware maintenance or failure.

In the case of hardware failure or if all Control-M processes are down unexpectedly, you can now perform either an automatic or manual failover for both Control-M/EM and Control-M/Server. After the problem is fixed, you can fallback to the primary host. This functionally applies to customers using an Oracle or MSSQL database for Control-M.

In the event of a hardware failure, when using Control-M/Server with PostgreSQL database, you can perform a manual failover to a secondary Control-M/Server, and later, when the problem is fixed, you can fallback to the primary Control-M/Server. In addition, this solution provides PostgreSQL database replication for Control-M/Server.

Automated Agent Deployment

Upgrade one or many agents to V9 and future versions including fix packs in just a few simple steps. You can choose between transferring the package to agents for later deployment, or automatically transferring and deploying in a single step.

Automated Client Deployment

The new Client Deployment utility replaces the WebLaunch tool in previous Control-M versions. Use the Client Deployment utility to easily distribute full client installation packages, fix packs and patches to users. You can set policies to force users to apply update packages by a specific date.

Promotion between environments

Promotion between environments is a new capability of the Control-M Workload Change Manager that enables you to move job definitions between environments. For example, from a development environment to a production environment. During the promotion process, job definitions are modified and validated according the Site Standards of the target environment.

Control-M configuration Manager (CCM) enhancements

The Control-M configuration Manager user interface has been updated to improve user experience. In addition, the following Control-M components are now managed via the tool: Control-M Database, Naming Server (NS), Configuration Management Server (CMS) as well as Control-M Workload Archiving.

Usage alerts

Keep an eye on your task usage with Usage Alerts, available from within the CCM. Define task usage alert thresholds across all of your EMs. Exceeding a threshold will send an email alert.

Security enhancements

Introducing the SSL certificate deployment capability that extends the packaging and deployment of SSL security certificates with the option to specify an external Certificate Authority.
Improved security algorithm.
SSL support for:
• AES suite ciphers (128 bit and 256 bit)
• SHA-2 hashing (on Enterprise Manager Client-Server communication)
• RSA keys with length 2048, 3072 and 4096
• Control-M Enterprise Manager password hashed using SHA-512

NFS support for Control-M/Server and Control-M Agent installation

You can now install Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agents on NFS.

IPv6 communication

IPv6 support, including support for mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environments, is now available for the following components:
• Control-M/Agent
• Control-M/Server
• Control-M Mainframe
• Control-M/Enterprise Management – Server, Clients
Note: Control-M Agentless is not supported at this configuration.

Sharing information between jobs

Ability to share information between jobs by extracting data from a job output and passing it to other jobs as a variable. Additional granularity of the variables is introduced as well, allowing to define variables in groups called “named pools” or as Smart folder variables that are unique per folder execution, in addition to global and local variables.

Runtime estimations

With Control-M Batch Impact Manager you can now see estimated runtimes of all the jobs in a regular viewpoint without them being defined as a part of a Batch Impact Manager service.

Multi-days job flows monitoring

Improved monitoring and troubleshooting for the job flows that span on multiple days. You can now configure the active environment retention period for a SMART folder so the SMART folder itself and its jobs are kept in the active environment until the end of the period.

Dynamic job ordering on a remote Control-M Server

Ability to order jobs on remote Control-M Servers by setting an action in a job to trigger another job on a different Control-M Server and also pass variables as a part of this order operation.

Control-M Event Management Rules in Workload Automation client

z/OS customers can now view, edit, and manage CMEM rules via the Control-M Workload Automation client.

What If Host simulation

New capability for Control-M Batch Impact Manager and Forecast to simulate the influence of the unavailability of a specific Control-M Agent or a group of Control-M Agents on your job flows, and prepare for planned shutdowns and maintenance windows.

Global calendars

You can now save time and reduce the efforts invested in calendar management by creating a single calendar in the Control-M/Enterprise Manager that will be distributed to all the Control-M/Servers.


You can bookmark the jobs in a workspace or a viewpoint to analyze flows and easily locate your jobs. Bookmarks are supported in the Planning, Monitoring, Forecast, and History domains.

Export flow diagram to a file

Till now one of the biggest challenge is to export the graphical view. Its not anymore, now You can now export your flow diagram to a Microsoft Visio-compatible EMF format from any domain. Just click the “Save as” function in the application “File” menu. its that simple.

Enhanced search when loading jobs to a workspace

Now you can view more fine-tuned results when loading jobs into a workspace in the Planning domain by filtering folders and jobs with a larger variety of fields.


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