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Control-M v9.x Administration Skills Assessment Questions with Answers (1-50)

These are the questions asked in Control-M v9.x Administration Skills Assessment ... I have answered to the best of my knowledge..... please comment below if you there are any mistakes....

Question 1 of 50.

Which of the following are the default ports used for Control-M/Agent installation?

 7006, 7005

 1025, 65534

 4532, 4533

 There are no default ports for agents

Question 2 of 50.

Control-M/Agent and Remote Hosts are both identified by their _____________.

 Host IDs

 Agent Computer


Question 3 of 50.

The Control-M solution provides: (Select all that apply)

 Cross-platform job scheduling

 Automation of job workflow

 Four-tiered architecture

Question 4 of 50.

The Control-M/Server is responsible for__________, and handling request from the Control-M Enterprise Manager. (Select all that apply)

 scheduling jobs

 managing job processing flows

 performing load balancing

 providing notification of job flow status

Question 5 of 50.

Control-M/Agent manages: (Select all that apply)

 Instructions to submit a job on the Agent computer

 Requests for information about jobs on Agent computer

 Requests to view or edit job script statements

 Requests to view job output or job documentation

Question 6 of 50.

The New Day procedure is performed ______________________________.

 At the same time for all Control-M/Servers connected to a Control-M/EM Server

 At a time that is set individually for each Control-M/Server

 Up to 24 times per day, as defined by the Administrator

Question 7 of 50.

Which of the following is the correct procedure for adding a Control-M Server to the Control-M Environment?

 Install the Control-M Server with autoconnect enabled

 Install Control-M on the supported Server and then connect via the CCM

 Install Control-M on the supported Server and then connect using the Tools domain

 Install Control-M on the supported Server and then connect via the Plug-in

Question 8 of 50.

Which of the following is correct about default Control-M/Agent installation?

 There are no Agents installed by default

 One Agent per Control-M Server is installed by default

 One Agent per Control-M/Enterprise Manager is installed by default

 One Agent is installed with each Remote Host by default


Question 9 of 50.

Using Control-M GUI, users can: (Select all that apply)

 View status of job schedules and execution in Control-M environments

 Issue requests for additional information

 Make changes to the active environment

 Create user profile

Question 10 of 50.

Active Jobs database: (Select all that apply)

 Contains all jobs scheduled for submission in the current day

 Contains job which may or may not have been submitted

 Contains relevant resources

 Contains relevant prerequisite conditions

Question 11 of 50.

What is the purpose of the ‘housekeeping’ action performed during the New Day procedure?

 It moves all job definitions from the Job Definition database to the Active Jobs database

 It removes all prerequisite conditions regardless if they are required

 It removes job definitions that are no longer needed

Question 12 of 50.

Which one of the following is correct about Control-M Architecture?

 3 Tier: Enterprise Manager, Control-M Server, Control-M/Agent

 4 Tier: Enterprise Manager, Control-M Server, Control-M/Agent, Remote Host

 2 Tier: Enterprise Manager, Control-M Server

 3 Tier: Production, Development, Testing

 3 Tier - Unix, Windows, Mainframe

Question 13 of 50.

Job Definitions database: (Select all that apply)

 Is a repository found in both the Control-M/EM and Control-M/Server databases

 Stores the current definitions of the jobs, folders, and calendars for the Control-M environment

 Contains copies of all job processing definitions in Control-M/EM database

 Contains job definitions for which it is responsible in Control-M/Server

Question 14 of 50.

How do Control-M Application Plug-ins interact with their associated application and with Control-M/Agents?

 They receive instructions from a Control-M/Agent, submit and monitor jobs in an application, and send relevant information to its Control-M/Agent.

 They are notified by the application when it is running relevant jobs, and then start to monitor the jobs and send information on the jobs to its Control-M/Agent.

 They submit and monitor jobs in an application without intervention by a Control-M/Agent, and send job-related information to its associated Control-M/Server.

 They collect data for jobs on remote host platforms and send the information collected to a Control-M/Agent.

Question 15 of 50.

Which three tasks can be performed with Control-M/Forecast?

 Generate information on the future scheduling of all jobs in a folder

 Analyze job flow on a particular day

 Define "what-if" scenarios for quantitative resources

 Automatically modify the scheduling of jobs to fit specified requirements

Question 16 of 50.

What do Control-M Application Plug-ins allow you to do?

 Execute jobs without a Control-M/Agent

 Determine active Control-M/Server processes

 Control communication between Control-M/EM and Control-M/Servers

 Extend the capabilities of Control-M/Agents to external applications

Question 17 of 50.

Which Control-M Add-on can you use to request either a new workflow or a modification to the existing workflow in a Control-M environment?

 Control-M Self Service

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager

 Control-M Workload Archiving

 Control-M Workload Change Manager

Question 18 of 50.

What is required for jobs to be loaded into a Control-M/Forecast environment for analysis?

 The associated folder must be set up to order automatically by New Day processing or with a User Daily job.

 The jobs must be in a SMART folder.

 The jobs must have statistics compiled.

 The jobs must execute a script.

Question 19 of 50.

What does the Slack Time column in the Service Monitor indicate?

 Forecasted time for the job to complete with a status of OK

 Difference between the time when a service is due and BIM estimate of time of completion

 Difference between the time two jobs are executing in a service

 Amount of time a job is overdue in executing

Question 20 of 50.

Which Control-M Add-on can be used to predict future production flows and scheduling?

 Control-M Predict

 Control-M Batch Impact Manager (BIM)


 BMC Batch Analyzer Module for Control-M

 Control-M Self Service

Question 21 of 50.

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about Control-M/EM security authorizations?

 Control-M/EM users who are assigned to a security group cannot have additional security privileges

 All Control-M/EM users can assign security privileges to themselves

 Control-M/EM users can have security privileges that allow them to browse (view) but not update entities

Question 22 of 50.

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about defining Control-M/EM users?

 All Control-M/EM users must be assigned to one or more user groups

 You can only provide Browse Level permissions using Control-M Configuration Manager

 You cannot specify which actions users are allowed to perform on jobs

 Each user defined in Control-M/EM must also be defined in each Control-M/Agent that they will access

Question 23 of 50.

In which tab of the Control-M/EM Authorizations window can you set the ability to define Viewpoints?





Question 24 of 50.

What does the Run As parameter for a job indicate?

 The user name with the authorization to execute the job

 The user account defined for a Control-M/Server installation

 The name of the Control-M/Server associated with the job

Question 25 of 50.

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about Control-M/EM security groups?

 You can control the access of users to folders through group authorizations

 You can use them to override (nullify) rights that have been assigned individually

 By deleting a group you delete the users assigned to the group

 You can add one group to another existing group

Question 26 of 50.

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about LDAP authorization options in Control-M?

 You must enable LDAP authorization from the Control-M Configuration Manager

 For LDAP users to log in to the Control-M interface, they MUST be defined individually in Control-M/EM Authorizations

 LDAP users must be indicated as Control-M/EM users in the LDAP database

 The Control-M LDAP plug-in must be installed separately to enable LDAP authentication

Question 27 of 50.

Which three of the following are TRUE statements about time zones as they relate to Control-M?

 Each Control-M/Server has its own timezone.dat file

 There can be multiple entries in one timezone.dat file for a specified offset to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

 Updates to timezone.dat files should be synchronized between Control-M/EM Servers and clients, and Control-M/Servers

 All Control-M jobs must have a time zone value specified

 Updates to time zone settings on Control-M/EM are automatically propagated to Control-M/Servers

Question 28 of 50.

Which three of the following are TRUE statements about job definitions in Control-M?

 Control-M jobs can be run without any involvement by a Control-M/Agent

 Control-M jobs can be kicked off by Control-M/Agents in certain external applications through Application Plug-ins

 Control-M jobs can be run on machines that do not have a Control-M/Agent installed

 Control-M jobs can be run without any direct role by the Control-M/EM

Question 29 of 50.

Which character can be used as a wildcard character for a text string in filters and definitions in the Control-M GUI and the CCM?





Question 30 of 50.

Which three Control-M/Server Parameters must be configured to send email using SMTP from a Shout?

 SMTP Server (Relay) Name

 Sender email

 Port Number

 Attach output to email

 Attached output size limit (kb)

Question 31 of 50.

Which three of the following are TRUE statements about Control-M Fix Packs?

 Fix Packs can be downloaded from the BMC Software FTP site

 Fix Packs are used to correct problems in a released version of a Control-M product

 Prior to installing Fix Packs for a Control-M product version, all previous Fix Packs for that version must be installed

 The instructions for installing Fix Packs are included in the associated Release Notes

Question 32 of 50.

Why do you select the Control-M/Agent parameter Logon As for an agent?

 So that it will log using the user specified in the job's 'Run As' parameter for job execution and the stored password specified

 So that it has to execute jobs under a user defined in an LDAP database

 So that it can only be used as the interface to remote hosts

 So that the 'Run as' user of the job has to have an account defined in the Control-M/Server database

Question 33 of 50.

What is the Control-M log for a job?

 Record of all operating system messages captured by the agent

 Record of events recorded by Control-M that relate to a job's state

 Record of data captured by Control-M for job statistics

 Record of the execution of jobs that is only captured if the What value is Command

Question 34 of 50.

What happens when you check in a Workspace?

 Jobs in the workspace are written to the Control-M/EM, which may then be synchronized to Control-M/Servers

 Jobs in the Workspace are written directly to Control-M/Servers

 Jobs and folder definitions are saved to a local file

 Jobs are ordered into the Active Jobs database

Question 35 of 50.

Which one of the following is TRUE about the Active Jobs database?

 A job can remain in the Active Jobs database for more than one day

 All conditions are removed from the Active Jobs database by New Day processing after two days

 The only time that jobs can be added to the Active Jobs database is during New Day processing

Question 36 of 50.

Which three of the following are correct statements about New Day Time?

 It determines the time at which New Day processing commences on a Control-M/Server

 It can be set from the Control-M Configuration Manager

 It must be set to midnight local time

 It is set by the NEW_DAY_JOB_MSG system parameter

 It must be set to the same time on all Control-M/Servers connected to one Control-M/EM instance

 It is monitored and managed by the Control-M/Server CE process

Question 37 of 50.

What does Desired State indicate in the Control-M Configuration Manager?

 Whether or not users are able to connect to the Control-M GUI

 Whether or not a connection is maintained to a Control-M/Server

 Whether a component is up, down, or ignored

 Whether a Control-M service should be started when the host machine is booted

Question 38 of 50.

Which two of the following are TRUE statements about configuring Control-M for Daylight Saving Time adjustments?

 Entries in the timezone.dat file can specify the date range of Daylight Saving Time

 The configuration can be done with a Control-M utility

 You must stop the Control-M/Server when you change the clock forward or backward

 Job parameters must specify whether or not to adjust for Daylight Saving Time

 You should avoid moving the system clock forward or backward to adjust for

Question 39 of 50.

What can you do by enabling annotations?

 You can ensure that users have to enter a note explaining the purpose of a change when performing a specific action

 You can ensure that additional parameter fields in jobs need to be completed before a job can be checked in

 You can generate reports in the Control-M Reports that relate to user actions

 You can automatically record additional information concerning user actions

Question 40 of 50.

Which of the following describes Control-M Remote Hosts?

 They host Control-M Application Plug-ins

 They require a gateway to be defined

 They do not require a Control-M/Agent installed locally

 They host a Control-M/Server instance

Question 41 of 50.

Which two of the following functions does a Control-M/Agent perform?

 Submits instructions to a job on an agent computer

 Connects to Control-M/EM Gateway

 Saves Job Definitions to the Control-M/EM Database

 Sends requests to view or edit job script statements

Question 42 of 50.

Which one of the following is a TRUE statement about configuration options for Control-M/EM auditing capabilities?

 You can turn all auditing on or off, and when turned on, you can select what categories of actions to audit

 All actions related to Control-M/EM security are always audited

 You need to install an add-on product to enable auditing of user actions

 When auditing is turned on, the actions that are audited cannot be changed

Question 43 of 50.

Which installation option can you use to install a Control-M/EM without a database server?

 Secondary installation for High Availability

 Full Control-M Installation

 Control-M/Server Only

 Control-M/Enterprise Manager Only

Question 44 of 50.

Which three tasks can users perform in the Control-M GUI?

 Review the execution status of jobs in a Control-M environment

 Create requests asking for additional information

 Make changes to the jobs in a Control-M environment

 Change System Parameters for connected Control-M/Servers

Question 45 of 50.

What does the ctmcontb utility do?

 Clears values of global variables

 Defines global conditions

 Removes jobs from the Active Jobs database that were not removed by New Day processing

 Deletes conditions based on a date range

Question 46 of 50.

How does the Control-M/EM communicate with Control-M/Server instances?

 Using a Configuration Agent

 Using a Naming Service

 Using a Control-M/Agent

 Using a Global Conditions Server

 Using a Gateway

Question 47 of 50.

Control-M’s Workload Management and Hosts Management features help you to better_________, _________, and _________the workload on Control-M resources and hosts.





Question 48 of 50.

Which three tasks can you perform by defining host groups?

 Define hosts mapping through Workload Change Manager

 Define jobs to run on one host in the group

 Define jobs to be submitted to all hosts in the group

 Perform hosts mapping through workload management features

Question 49 of 50.

Which process must occur before Failover can be started in a Control-M/Server High Availability installation when using a PostgreSQL database?

 Secondary host replication

 Database replication

 Primary host backup

 Fallback to secondary

 Manual Failover

Question 50 of 50.

In which three of the following scenarios can High Availability be installed?

 Control-M/EM with a PostgreSQL database

 Control-M/EM with an Oracle database

 Control-M/Server with a PostgreSQL database

 Control-M/Server with a Sybase database

 Control-M/Server with a MSSQL database

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