Saturday, October 17, 2020

Control-M EM Gateway "No Sync" Issue - Possible Causes and Solutions

Control-M EM Gateway "No Sync" Issue is a rare scenario but as per my experience once it occurs it reappears several times until you find a root cause for this. First lets see the quick workaround for this and then we will see the possible causes for this.


  • shut_ca
  • shut_ctm
  • init_prflag
  • start_ctm
  • start_ca


Possible Causes/Preferred solutions:

1.      1) This might be a Java heap memory issue. Whenever you see "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" in the CE log on Control-M server then you need to increase the heap memory based on the volume of the jobs. Also make sure your system supports the increased memory. Should be under <ctm Server>/data/config.dat file.

a.      CTMS_JVM_MAX_HEAP 512 to 2048 (per the jobs)

2.      2) If you are running more MFT jobs, this may cause the issue as well. Try not running more MFT jobs from server instead use the module installed on agents.

3.      3) Check if there are any jobs passing garbage/junk value which make the CE process crash.

4.      4) Preferred to use Update Control-M Server definitions during Check-In in the synchronization parameter of Control-M Server in CCM

5.      5) heck for any agents which are causing the issue. This can be checked in the CE log. Look for “Lock Table CMR_NODES in exclusive mode”. This may cause DB lock and eventually EM lost connection with server.

6.      6)  There might be another third party software grabbing control-m ports. Check that using the below command

a.      netstat -an | grep 2370

b.      netstat -an | grep 2369

c.      netstat -tulpn | grep 2370

d.      netstat -tulpn | grep 2369

7.     8) Check if there is any network scanner is running on the machine. If so make sure to exempt control-m application from that.

8)  9) If you have any obsolete unavailable agents either disable or delete them.

     10) Run the below command to see if there are any updates causing the issue. Observe the field “AgentAppUpdates” this column should be 0… if its keep growing then that’s definietely an issue caused by a MFT/AFT agent which is in “PERSISTENT” mode. Check on which agent there are more AFT jobs running and change that to “Transient” mode.

      ctmipc –dest ce –msgid ctl –data “CtmThreadPool”.



Also, Run ctms_data_collector and em_data_collector to collect the logs and open a case with BMC


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