Monday, August 29, 2011

The Control-M Data Center

The Control-M/Data Center is the true core of the Control-M system. The Data Center is comprised of a Control-M/Server, Database and Control M/Agents.

The Control-M/Server

The Control-M/Server is the central component of the Data Center. It controls interaction with the Enterprise Manager, Control-M/Agents and the database backend. The Control-M/Server (CTM/SERVER) is the component that maintains the schedule, job definitions, calendars, resources and conditions. CTM SERVER is the only component that can load or order jobs.

The Database

The database serves as a backend data repository for Control-M (Sybase, PGSQL, Oracle or MS SQL server can be used). The CTM/SERVER has its own data-space within an Oracle instance. This data-space contains the Master versions of all of the job-related data: job-definitions, scheduling tables, resources, calendars active jobs tables and shout tables, to name a few. It also houses runtime specific data for the CTM/SERVER such as process flags, user access profiles and agent status.

The Database is critical to the operation of CTM/SERVER & Control-M. If the database is not available, Control-M will not operate.

The Control-M/Agent

The Control-M/Agent (CTM AGENT) is a small-footprint application that is installed on each target server for jobs, as well as the CTM SERVER. It runs as a service on Windows-based systems and has a “hook” into “inetd” on UNIX systems. It is dormant until a request comes from the CTM SERVER or until a job-related message needs to be sent to CTM SERVER.


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