Tuesday, August 30, 2011


CONTROL-M/Agents are commonly used to place computers under the control of a CONTROL-M/Server. CONTROL-M/Agents submit jobs on behalf of the CONTROL-M/Server, track the jobs’ processing, and provide status information back to the CONTROL-M/Server.

As an alternative to having a dedicated CONTROL-M/Agent installed on each computer under the control of a CONTROL-M/Server, CONTROL-M/Server can also submit jobs to agentless computers known as Remote Hosts.

CONTROL-M/Agents and remote hosts are identified by their node IDs. Jobs are assigned to specific node IDs. You can balance processing loads by grouping a number of CONTROL-M/Agents together into a node group, and then assigning jobs to the node group, instead of to a specific CONTROL-M/Agent. The job will be processed on any agent in the group, according to the processing load at that particular moment.


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