Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Control-M GUI's


          The main 3 GUI’s are listed below.

ü  Control-M / EM
ü  Control-M Desktop
ü  Control-M Configuration Manager

Control-M / EM:

This is a GUI where we can view all the jobs which are running for today. The jobs which are active for today is called ‘Active Job File (AJF)’.

Control-M Desktop

Using this GUI you can make all permanent changes to scheduling tables and calendars. You can create new jobs, tables and calendars using Control-M desktop. The changes which you are performing through this will be permanently stored in control-M server database.

Control-M Configuration Manager

Through this GUI you can monitor all control-m components (Control-M server, agents, remote hosts… etc) health status. You can also implement additional security using this GUI. We can define agents, Remote Hosts through this GUI.  


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