Saturday, March 10, 2012

Control-M Desktop Collection Feature to Mass Update

The purpose of this article is to provide information on how to do a mass update on a group of jobs using the Job Collections feature in Control-M Desktop.

I just would like to give step by step process using pictures to guide any one who is new to Control-M scheduling.

The version of Control-M used here is 6.3.01

Click on “View -> Filter…” or click on “Filter…” Icon on standard Toolbar

 It will display the Filter dialog box. Enter your filtering criteria and click on OK when finishes. (In this example I’m filtering the jobs start with ‘job’)

All the jobs are still there but only the ones from the collection will show or be affected by Mass Updates. To change the draft back to all jobs select View / Filter then ‘Select the Full Draft’.

Go to ‘Edit -> Find and Update…’ or click the  Icon on standard toolbar.

This will display ‘Find and Update’ dialog box, enter your criteria and click on ‘OK’. Here I'm changing the group to ‘test’. Make sure ‘Collection’ radio button is selected else all the jobs in the draft with the matching criteria will be changed.

Now you can select the full draft in the ‘Filter’ window to have look at entire table.

I hope this gives you some sort of idea how do a mass update. The dialog boxes may differ from version to version.

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