Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introduction to Control-M

Control-M is a software application product developed by a team of software engineers in Israel to provide enterprise-level job scheduling and management. According to BMC’s literature “CONTROL-M for Distributed Systems is a business integrated scheduling product that focuses on the production environment's business applications and platforms”. Simply put, Control-M is an application able to execute programs on many different types of servers, manage the timing of them and report the results to a central point.


Unknown said...

First of all thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.
I tried to shoot you a mail at but it bounced back saying that this mail id is not available now. So I have to update the same here.

Please, please start posting and complete the website as some person like me are waiting for the completion of your blog , as I have checked the last parts of the EM , the part before the authorization , there is no update on that , and there is no update on the Control -M Desktop.
Please try to complete your blog , we are waiting for the completion so that we van get good and a bit complete information about the control -M.

RDK said...

Today I found this website from my friends. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge.

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