Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Control-M 8 Changes vs Earlier Versions

I've started working on BMC Control-M lastest version which is 8.0 recently. I had experience in Control-M scheduling for around 6.7 years in various versions (v6.1, v6.2, v6.3 and v6.4). Till now what I learnt is completely different in V8.0. It took couple of days for me to understand the new concepts and Envitonment. This is really awesome, very simple GUI interface and many options were simplified. I just thought of sharing few of my findings. so here is my 1st blog post on Control-m 8.
ParameterPreviously Known As
Host/Host GroupNode/Node group
Run asOwner
Override PathOverride library
Sub ApplicationGroup
Created byAuthor
Order MethodUser daily
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