Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recovering from primary CONTROL-M/Server failure (Server failover)

These procedures assume that a failover server has already been installed and initialized on a secondary computer. Two procedures are used during failover situations:
  1. Verify that:
    • Both primary and secondary CONTROL-M/Server installations and CONTROL-M/Server Configuration Agent are not running.
    • Both the primary and mirror database servers are running.
  2. Log on to the secondary computer as the CONTROL-M/Server owner.
  3. Specify the ctm_menu command to open the CONTROL-M Main Menu.
  4. Type 4 to select Database Mirroring and press <Enter>.
  5. From the Database Mirroring menu, type 7 to select Start Failover and press <Enter>.


    Do not start the secondary CONTROL-M/Server while the primary CONTROL-M/Server is running, or before the Start Failover procedure finishes executing. If the secondary CONTROL-M/Server is started too early, the following message may be displayed: 
    ** Unable to start CONTROL-M due to path specified for PROCLIB directory $PROCLIB. This path is invalid **
  7. The following message is displayed:
    1. This operation disables CONTROL-M database mirroring, and starts FailOver CONTROL-M !!!
      Confirm that CONTROL-M in the primary data center is not running.Continue [y/n] :
  8. Type y and press <Enter> to continue with Failover.
The following message is displayed:
CONTROL-M/Server database mirroring 
Mirroring of the CONTROL-M/Server database allows rapid recovery of CONTROL-M/Server functionality in the event of a failure of the CONTROL-M/Server database. You can implement mirroring during or after CONTROL-M/Server installation.

To implement CONTROL-M/Server database mirroring
  1. Review the database requirements for mirroring as described in the CONTROL-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows Installation Guide. 

  2. Verify that CONTROL-M/Server, CONTROL-M/Server Configuration Agent, and CONTROL-M/Server utilities are not running. Ensure that the SQL database is running.

  3. Choose Database Mirroring => Initialize Mirroring from the CONTROL-M Main Menu.

  4. At the conclusion of the procedure, restart CONTROL-M/Server and the CONTROL-M/Server Configuration Agent


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