Sunday, April 1, 2012

AJF (Active Job File)

In Control-M EM GUI, where you can see the currently running jobs for today is called AJF (Active Job File).

The CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager window (AJF) consists of the following parts:

Ø  Navigation Tree – Hierarchical view of jobs in the current environment.

Ø  Flow Diagram – Graphic representation of job production flow, based on job dependencies established by prerequisite conditions specified in job processing definitions. Components of the active environment are represented by boxes called nodes. The information displayed in a node varies depending on the type of node and on how certain customization options.

Ø  Net Overview – Miniature version of the flow diagram, indicating the part of the network currently displayed in the Flow Diagram view. By ragging the selected area in this view to a different part of the network, you can quickly navigate in a complex environment.


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