Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Control-M Road Map [ History of Control-M ]

Control-M was a batch-scheduling tool originally developed for scheduling jobs on mainframe computer systems, by an Israel-based company New Dimension Software (the company was originally called 4th Dimension Software and later renamed to New Dimension Software). In the early 90's, Control-M also became available on the distributed environment (for example, Windows and Unix). Users can use Control-M either in a distributed/mainframe only or mixed environment. There are a number of other mainframe-focused products within the same product line such as Control-D, Control-M/Tape, Control-O, Control-V, and Control-M/Links. BMC software acquired New Dimension Software in 1999 and continued the product line. In the recent years, BMC software made Control-M to become part of its BSM strategy by integrating Control-M with BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Today Control-M is one of the most widely used enterprise batch scheduling software on both mainframe and distributed environments, with customers around the world from every major industry.

The following are the milestones in the Control-M history:

  • 1985: Innovated the integrated approach for batch processing automation (mainframe)
  • 1993: Provided single focal point of control of the heterogeneous batch environment – Enterprise Control Station (later on, the name changed to Control-M/Enterprise Manager)
  • 1993: Release of control modules to extend Control-M's scheduling capability into external applications
  • 1996: Enabled event-based scheduling
  • 2000: Release of new control modules - integration with ERP applications
  • 2004: Added the support for SOA approach – Business Process Integration
  • 2004: Link batch scheduling with business SLAs – Batch Impact Manager
  • 2006: Release of Agentless technology - part of Control-M 6.3.01
  • 2007: Integration with BMC Atrium CMDB – BMC Batch Discovery
  • 2008: Workload Lifecycle Management - within Control-M 6.4.01
  • 2010: Workload automation – Control-M 7
  • 2012: The Power of Simple – Control-M 8

Reference: BMC Control-M 7: A Journey from Traditional Batch Scheduling to Workload Automation


Unknown said...

Thanks for providing the History of Control-M.
But please let us know why the name Control-M? why the letter 'M' in particular?

Mahi said...


Even I too doesn't know exactly why it is called as "Control-M" but what I know is "There are a number of other mainframe-focused products within the same product line such as Control-D, Control-M/Tape, Control-O, Control-V, and Control-M/Links."

Unknown said...

M in Control-M stands for Mixed as it can be integrated with mainframes and distributed systems(Unix and Windows) as well. Hence the name Control-M

Unknown said...

Thanks for your responses. M stands for Mixed (Unix and Windows), good to know.

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Unknown said...

M cannot stand for Mixed as it was strictly mainframe at its inception. I believe it was originally designed to schedule troop and equipment movements for the Israeli military .... so M could be for Military.

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