Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Using Wild card in File Watcher [ctmfw ]

Most of us know that ctmfw utility is used for File Watcher (create/delete). Normally most of us (all of us.. may be ???? I've used many times before knowing the exact usage ;-D ) will use the file name in quotes (" "), which is actually wrong. The correct way of using this is , placing the quotes only with the file name not with entire path.

Invalid: "test/mahi/touchfile.txt"

Valid: test/mahi/"touchfile.txt"

This will be very helpful while using wildcard character (*)

Eg: test/mahi/"touchfile*.txt"

This will give a flexibility to watch for any file like touchfile1.txt, touchfile2.txt, touchfile-random.txt... etc


Unknown said...

what is the reset value of output for ctmfw?

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