Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Failover Planning

As CONTROL-M is integrated in the production environment of the data center, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that interruptions of CONTROL-M functionality are as short as possible.

A properly designed and executed failover plan ensures that CONTROL-M functions are resumed as soon as possible if a recovery is necessary.

Failover planning for CONTROL-M should provide for the following contingencies:
  1. Loss of integrity in the CONTROL-M/Server primary database due to a failure of the SQL server that maintains the database

  2. Failure of the computer on which CONTROL-M/Server runs (server computer) Ideally, your failover plan should include a complete backup for both the server computer and the CONTROL-M/Server database.
You can implement either one of the following levels of failover capability:

Mirror Database: a database on an independent database server mirrors the CONTROL-M/Server database. If this level of failover is implemented, only CONTROL-M/Server database is backed-up and will be available in case of loss. There is no failover support for any loss of information affecting the CONTROL-M/Server installation. Readmore...

Failover Server: a secondary CONTROL-M/Server installation on a different computer. The CONTROL-M/Server database of the secondary installation is considered the mirror database. If this level of failover is implemented, failover support is provided for loss of information affecting both the CONTROL-M/Server installation and the CONTROL-M/Server database. Readmore...


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