Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mirror Database

In addition to the primary database installed with CONTROL-M/Server, a secondary database is built on another Database Server computer. All updates to the primary CONTROL-M/Server database are written to the secondary mirror database.

If updates to the mirror database fails, the mirror database is considered damaged and writing to it is disabled. Normal CONTROL-M/Server operation is not affected. Mirroring can be re-initialized after you repair the communications link.

If the CONTROL-M/Server primary database server fails, or if the primary database loses integrity, CONTROL-M/Server operation can be restored using either of the following manual interventions:

You can direct CONTROL-M/Server to use the mirror database instead of the primary database. The primary CONTROL-M/Server database can be rebuilt when time allows.

This method ensures that CONTROL-M/Server functionality is resumed as soon as possible. However, mirroring is not resumed until after you repair the failed primary database and restore it from the mirror database.

You can repair and rebuild the CONTROL-M/Server primary database and restore it from the mirror database.

This method allows mirroring of the CONTROL-M/Server database to continue without interruption. However, depending on database size and the cause of the failure of the database, it may take some time to rebuild the CONTROL-M/Server database before CONTROL-M/Server can be restarted.

Implementing a Mirror Database

Database mirroring can be initialized any time after CONTROL-M/Server has been installed.

The mirror database should be built on a separate database server, independent of the database server that hosts the primary CONTROL-M/Server database.

Several administrative functions are used to initialize, enable, and restore CONTROL-M/Server database mirroring. These functions are accessed from the Database Mirroring menu of the CONTROL-M/Server Main Menu.


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