Thursday, July 25, 2013

How can you say if the agent for a particular job is available?

While there is a continuous connection between CONTROL-M EM and Control-M/EM Server, the communication between CONTROL-M/Server and CONTROL-M/Agent is not constant.

CONTROL-M/Server is doing the following:

1. It sends a TRACK_ALL message for each agent that has running jobs every 'Polling Interval' (the default is 15 minutes).

2. There is no indication that an agent becomes unavailable unless there was a request to that agent.

While the agent waits for its time window it does not check if the agent is available. This will be checked only when the job will be submitted.

3. You can check the Agent status using Control-M Configuration Manager.

What can I do if my agents become unavailable sometimes?

Solution: Run ctm_menu:

(5) Parameter Customization -> (4) Parameter Customization for Specific Agent Platform:

Communication Timeout (default 120)

Maximum Retries (default 12)

Increase the timeout parameters for the agent platforms. The same can be achieved using Control-M Configuration Manager. You can open Agent properties and change the parameters accordingly.


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