Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to KILL a Job using PostProc Tab

During our day to day activities sometimes we may come across a scenario to Kill a job during run time. The most commonly scenario is to kill a job when it is exceeding its normal time limit. We can achieve this using PostProc tab without any manual intervention.

To perform this you MUST have access to Control-M Server.
  1. You have to connect to Control-M Server using Telnet.
  2. From the "ctmsys" menu, goto "Shout Destination Tables" and define a shout destination with type "P" (process), Address Type "A" (agent), Logical Destination "Kill_Job" and Physical Destination"$HOME/ctm/exe_<architecture>/".
  3. Go to your CONTROL-M/Server home directory, and define a script under ctm/exe_<architecture>/. The script name will be "", which contains the following lines:

    ctmkilljob -ORDERID $2 &

    Note: the ampersand (&) at the end of the command. This must be present for this solution to work.
  4. Job definition
    • Goto the "PostProc" tab and define a shout WHEN LATETIME or EXECTIME
    • in the Destination put "Kill_Job
    • in the Message Box put "%%ORDERID" (the parameters for the "" script).


barbu said...

Thanks this is very usefull, but take care, while upgrading Control-M Server, your script will pass away. You'd better place it in a specific folder.

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